XP Deus review

The XP brand far exceeds all others. Most connoisseurs agree that this wonder that is the XP Deus is the best detector. It is the one that will make it possible to miss the fewest possible targets.

It is its control unit that allows it to go 4 inches deeper than the other detectors. It is virtually the only one on the market to be scalable thanks to software updates. Recently, the last build has been used to identify the target; it indicates whether it is iron, a coin or a mineralized rock rich in ferrites, using an X-Y dial. Lines appear and are distinctive of the nature of each object.

The version with the remote control is extremely expensive, since it costs more than 1000 dollars! But in the end it is an excellent investment as long as we can afford it. The use of its control device is not obvious at the beginning. Do not be afraid to do a plethora of tests beforehand, read the notice several times, try different programs. In the end, we will sweep the same field with 3-4 programs to target the big targets, the medium targets, the small ones and finally the precious metals.