XP Deus vs Garrett ACE 250

The Garrett ACE 250 will be better on some targets like large coins between 0 and 9.8 inches, with sharper tones. But a less precise targeting, it will be necessary to dig to find the coin.

The XP Deus generally remains much better on small, medium and large targets, it will sometimes give a weak or sizzling tone on some large pieces, but will make it possible to find objects faster because the tone is more localized when the other beam on a larger surface.

In terms of depth, the Garrett finds up to 11.8 inches for the big targets, against 14.5 and even 15.7 inches for the Deus (according to the settings). 25 cm for medium targets, against 9.8 inches or even 12,2 inches for the Deus (depending on the settings once again).

The Garrett ACE 250, in many cases, will not ring on several pieces and objects that will be easily reported by the XP Deus.

The Garrett metal detector therefore remains an intermediate detector that will be perfect to start. While the Deus is still the best in terms of quality / price ratio.

The Garrett ACE 250 costs $ 234. The price of the XP Deus is $ 799 for the version without remote control with a DD disc of 9 inches, $ 1520 with the remote control, the same price with a DD disc of 11 inches.

Then, to have better performances, you have to put about $ 3000, or even $ 6000 in professional metal detectors. These will be metal detectors such as the Garrett ATX that will be used to find gold near rivers or above water with the ability to detect up to 3 meters deep. In short, gold detectors not very useful in Europe because there is little gold, unlike African countries, America or Australia.