XP Deus vs Garrett ACE 250 vs Tesoro Cibola

Vs Teknetics T2 vs XP Gold Maxx Power vs. Teknetics G2.

Prices of equipment:

$1520 XP DEUS – Full version (with remote control)
$849 Teknetics G2
$799 XP DEUS – Lite (without remote control)
$749 XP Gold Maxx Power
$499 Teknetics T2
$361 Tesoro Cibola
$212 Garrett Ace 250

Comparison of depth test, via a buried tube in which the depth of the coins is changed.

Maximum search:

Napoleon 10 centimes (large target):

XP Deus: 35-37 cm or 40 cm depending on the settings
XP Gold: 35-36 cm
Tesoro Cibola: 31 cm
Garrett Euro ACE: 25-30 cm
Teknetics T2: 29 cm
Teknetics G2: 27-28 cm

Liard of France (medium size target):

XP Deus: 25 cm or 31 cm depending on the settings
XP Gold: 25 cm
Garrett Euro ACE: 25 cm
Teknetics G2: 24 cm
Tesoro Cibola: 22 cm
Teknetics T2: 21 cm.

Euro ACE is equivalent to ACE 250.

The best is the XP Deus.