Wolfenstein II The New Colossus is a very good FPS

Wolfenstein II The New Colossus is the last episode of the Wolfenstein saga. Once again, we are facing Nazi Germany, which won the Second World War. America is now under control and the only ones still fighting are a handful of resistance fighters.

On board of a large submarine, we will launch attacks on various Nazi bases. The game is very beautiful, and enjoyable.

However, we rarely played such a buggy game. The further you go, the more often the game stops, the picture remains frozen, or the text tears and becomes unreadable. It becomes quickly painful. Many players requested refunds because they could not play more than five minutes. The game was primarily made for machines with Ryzen processors and Radeon graphics.

However, Bethesda should soon settle these concerns with an update. The game remains excellent. It renews the genre, in the sense that the game is not only based on a very serious story, too dark. Indeed, even if sometimes we are entitled to scenes of unprecedented violence (useless gratuitous violence for that matter), we also have funny moments, funny situations that change and lighten everything.

Some decorations are of a beauty and richness details that are quite impressive.


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