How to win Mannerheim Line in Sudden Strike 4 : Winter Storm

How to win the tough Mannerheim Line mission in the Winter Storm expansion of the game Sudden Strike 4? This mission seems endless. We move with a large number of tanks and soldiers, but it diminishes visibly when we occupy the different camps. At a certain point we only have a handful left, while there are still 3-4 bases to beat.

In fact, for this mission you have to be patient, take your time, and advance step by step. The best technique is to use the “assault gun” tank capable of sending shells at great distance to reap enemy tanks. At the same time position soldiers close to the opposing camp to make visible the position of the cannons, columns of soldiers. And so let our tanks strafe them with warheads. It will be necessary to be careful that these soldiers do not have fun to shoot at all, otherwise they will be ravaged. This is also one of the flaws of the game, we can not disable the automatic fight.

This is the soldiers placed near the fortifications that will allow you to harm the other side, in this case the Finnish and almost without a loss. We will accumulate the number of armored vehicles, with only 2-3 people per tank, and who are specialized in this task.


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