What to look for in a VPN provider?

With a large number of VPN providers, it can be complex to differentiate between those who offer a quality service, and those who are just bad. There are, however, several characteristics that come into play in determining which VPN deserves our attention. First of all, you have to check that the server actually offers a secure and private connection by seeing if your IP address is effectively replaced by that of the service. Most companies that offer a VPN channel with a paid subscription have their own network server infrastructure that allows their customers to surf anonymously. Free services, on the other hand, go through free and open networks that are generally insecure and have several flaws in confidentiality.

We must also see if the VPN we are using to do not keep the history of our connections, our access. The company must specify this in its conditions of use of their services. It should also read what are the uses made with the devices of the user through their applications.

There are so-called automatic switches in VPN platforms to check and restart the connection if this one is lost. This function is interesting and saves a lot of time, it avoids us to restart the connections manually when they stop for x reasons. This also prevents our private information from being accessible to a third party.


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