What is a VPN for?

You do not realize it, but everything you do online, that is to say, the websites you consult, the mailbox services, the e-commerce, the music you listen to, the videos you are watching, the searches you do, is traced through your IP address. Server networks use this IP to connect the users to the correct URLs. The Internet works through all these interconnected IP addresses.

If someone in Germany enter “Amazon” into the Google search engine, then Amazon.de will be offered to them. It is the Internet access provider, the ISP, that will determine the IP of each Internet user. When using a VPN, our IP address is replaced by an address of our choice. We can bypass our ISP.

Some sites are not accessible in all regions of the world, they are limited to the local country, to limit the resources of the servers and to avoid a useless electricity expense in regards to the user who is not profitable for them. With VPN, we can now access these sites, and every places on the Web.

VPNs are used extensively in countries with authoritarian or authoritarian regimes, such as Iran, Russia, China.


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