The Weibrand logarithmic development scale in Star Trek

The Weibrand logarithmic development scale in the Star Trek universe is the scale of intelligence level of civilizations. It makes it possible to know at what level a particular species is located. It was created by Hyram Weibrand in 2295.

The scale ranges from 1 to 100. 1 is the level of a civilization that has not yet conceived the Warp technology (interstellar travel).

Weibrand measurement examples:

Level 100: Q, M, Organians, Cytherians,

Level 90: the Prophets, the Pah Wraiths,
Level 80: the Douwds,
Level 75: the travelers,

Level 55: the “8472”
Level 50: the Borg,
Level 45: tkons,

Level 26: the Xindis,
Level 25: the Sulibans,
Level 24: the Dominions,
Level 23: the Federation (human, vulcan, andorian), the Romulans,
Level 22: Klingons, Breens,
Level 21: the Cardassians,
Level 19: the Bajorans,
Level 17: the Hirogens,
Level 15: the Ferengis,
Level 14: the Kazons.

Although the Q are on the same level as the Organians or the Cytherians, they remain no less superior.