The best very high-end coffee machine

When you have tried all the machines and we want to go to the ultimate then we opt for the machine of professional quality. The one you see in bars and cafes.

These machines are robust. They can make the perfect cappuccino, using a steam nozzle, a whisk to make a firm and creamy milk-based foam. But also the real latte macchiatto.

The Jura Impressa J9 is the ultimate machine. We have a velvety coffee thanks to the pre-humidification of the grind that releases a maximum of aroma.

We are then entitled to different finenesses of grind, intensities of coffees, temperatures of preparation. We can adjust the amount of water.

The water is filtered with anti-chlorine and anti-tartar cartridges.

Maintenance is easy with automatic cleaning programs. But also scaling and rinsing.

We have the function 0W. An LED display with a comprehensive and intuitive menu.