Use GPU as CPU

It is possible to do GPU computing, and therefore exploit the power of the CUDA core for Nvidia video cards, or the stream processors for ATI cards.

As, they have more cores than a CPU, they can make more calculations. That’s why we use GPU for Bitcoin mining or Ethereum mining instead of CPU.

However, to do GPU computing you have to be able to develop softwares or at least codes in the proprietary language of Nvidia (for example).

You can’t just enable GPU computing and get your computer or Windows do the job by switching from CPU to GPU. At least not for the moment.

That’s why very powerful video cards like Nvidia Tesla P100 are dedicated to researchers and persons who have the time to code applications to make the wanted calculations.

You should note that if you are making video edition, some programs are already optimized for CUDA cores, like Sony Vegas, Adobe CC 2014, Adobe Premiere Pro

More information about GPU computing :

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To develop softwares for CUDA cores, you need the CUDA toolkit :

CUDA toolkit.