How to turn your smartphone into a telescope

It is possible to turn your phone into a telescope with a specialized device. It will attach the smartphone to the exit lens of the telescope or the long-range view. We have the image directly on the phone, we do not need to approach the optics to our eyes. We can therefore add a digital zoom to the device, take photos, videos, with slow motion. No need for a dedicated camera.

It is a CINBOS monocular telescope, which is waterproof, resists fogging, with a magnification of 16×50, an anti-reflective treatment, reacts well to shocks.

It is suitable for:

– observe birds,
– the hunt,
– hiking,
– observe landscapes,
– observe the wildlife,
– observe the sky, the moon,
– capture sports events,
– take photo-shots,
– capture musical events.

This is a very good solution if you do not want to force your eyes when you look far away. It will necessarily be limited to see the planets or a star in particular.


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