What treatment against warts?

What treatment to use against warts? Warts typically appear after a visit to the municipal swimming pool, or after rubbing our feet against the sand on the beach.

Warts are the result of a fairly tough virus that can spread quickly if you have fun touching the wart a little too often. It can take a year to disappear if nothing is done to fight it.

Natural methods:

Grandmothers often advocate the use of a clove of garlic, or extracts of the celandine plant transformed into liquid, or of essential oils. Unfortunately these practices often bring no results.

Dedicated solution:

The Compound W Maximum Strength Wart Remover solution is an effective treatment that acts very quickly. Simply apply the contents of the precision tip on the wart.

According to the instructions it is necessary to soak the wart in warm water for 5 minutes then to let it dry. Gently apply one drop on the wart, let it dry, 1 time per day, every day. The wart should disappear then after two weeks. If the wart is stubborn and has time to rebuild during this period of time then it will be necessary to perform the applications up to 2 times per day until the wart dries and falls.

The liquid contains salicylic acid and alcohol, this is the ultimate solution to overcome plantar warts (or elsewhere on the body). These are dried from the inside and the body can then reject them. We can feel some tingling, nothing more. Care must be taken to keep the tube away and close it after using it so that it does not accidentally fall on the healthy skin, which could generate significant sequelae.

It can’t be used by people diabetes or poor blood circulation.


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