The Traveler in Star Trek

In 2364, Starfleet encounters a specimen that calls himself the Traveler , whose true name of the species would be unpronounceable by humans. The Travelers would come from another reality.

He can twist the time space with a thought. According to him, the human will be able to do the same one day. Imagination would be the ultimate warp to travel from galaxy to galaxy, but also between dimensions. Jean-Luc Picard remained skeptical.

Thanks to the Traveler, Starfleet was able for the first time to reach another galaxy, in this case M-33, with new mysteries, new enigmas. When Captain Picard asked him to turn the ship back into the Milky Way, the Traveler made it pass through 1 billion light years, reaching the end or even beyond the universe. He then took them home and disappeared.

Travelers have the ability to change their physical form. They are very interested in the development of other cultures in galaxies. But they also feel concerned with order in space time, anxious not to leave paradoxes or spatio-temporal flaws.