Top rated reflex cameras by note

Here is a list of the best rated SLR cameras.

Reflex cameraMpixYearAverage noteTotal notesPrice ($)
Pentax K-136,7720164,8853210
Canon EOS 600D1820114,74073495
Canon EOS 1100D12,620114,72021320
Canon EOS 60D1820104,71802665
Canon EOS 100D18,420134,71512435
Canon EOS 550D1820104,71450376
Canon EOS 6D20,620124,714441855
Canon EOS 1300D18,720164,7630400
Pentax K-32420134,74381250
Lumix DMC-GH417,220144,73691620
Fujifilm X-T1016,320154,7338871
Canon EOS 700D1820134,62787575
Sony Alpha 600024,320144,61905595
Canon EOS 1200D1820144,61726375
Nikon D710024,120134,616661205
Nikon D330024,220164,61632540
Nikon D700016,220104,61612730
Nikon D520024,220144,61482665
Canon EOS 650D1820124,61333600
Nikon D530024,220134,61282765
Canon EOS 500D15,520084,6939260
Nikon D75024,320144,67502260
Nikon D720024,7220154,66171620
Sony SLT-A58K20,120134,6606450
Canon EOS 750D2420154,6508725
Canon EOS 50D15,120074,6486495
Canon EOS 80D25,820164,64011495
Canon EOS 7D MII20,920144,63851955
Sony ILCE-7M2K24,320144,61091615
Fujifilm X-T2024,320174,6721210
Canon EOS 70D20,920134,519301015
Canon EOS 1000D1020094,5751270
Pentax K-501620134,5735525
Nikon D81036,320124,53423315
Lumix DMC-G716,8420084,5308665
OM-D E-M10 MII17,220154,5299655
Fujifilm X-T22420164,52201845
Nikon D500 2120164,52053100
Sony ILCA-77M224,320144,51221200
Canon EOS 450D1820074,41195240
Fujifilm X-M1 16,520134,4368495
Sony Alpha 630024,220164,43181045
Sony ILCE-5000LB20,120134,4322400
Nikon D3400 24,220164,4302555
Canon EOS 760D 24,720154,4186835
Lumix DMC-GM1 1620134,4172745
Pentax Q-S1 12,420144,4169565
Sony Alpha 7S12,220144,41611645
Pentax K-S22020154,4156665
Sony ILCE-650024,220164,41201865
Canon EOS 5D MIV21,120074,31344640
Sony Alpha 68 2420154,390700
Canon EOS 400D10,120064,21045205
Canon EOS 40D10,120074,2552320
Nikon 1 J52320154,2181390
Fujifilm X-A2 16,320154,249560
Lumix GF716,8420154,197530
Sigma SD1 Merrill 4620124,177880
Canon EOS M524,220164,0133955
Nikon D560024,220164,087805
Canon EOS 350D 820063,9869280
Canon EOS 20D8,220133,8168170

Mpix: mega pixels.
Year: year of distribution on the market.
Average rating: Average rating of Amazon Sites (US, DE, UK, IT, FR, JP, ES, CN).
Total notes: Total reviews of these sites.
Price (€): Average price of the device on the market (ebay), most of them are not being sold anymore in shops. You can of course find better deals.

The note is no longer valid over time, it symbolizes above all the satisfaction of consumers when it was released. Because if you look at the pictures taken in 2010 (7 years ago!) by a Canon EOS 550D, they will appear bland concerning the colors, and poor in sharpness; The device is rated 4.7 / 5.

And a recent device, which will be less rated, will disappoint because the gain in quality compared to the previous generation will be only slightly higher; The device adopting mostly new modes such as HDR, or 4K videos.

So it is advisable to first sort the Reflex cameras per year, and then compare their rating and price according to your budget.

Some of these devices are bridge cameras.

Name of the Canon cameras in USA and Japan :

Canon EOS 100D : Canon EOS Rebel SL1, Canon Kiss X7:

Canon EOS 350D : Canon Digital Rebel XT.
Canon EOS 400D : Canon Digital Rebel XTi, Canon Kiss X1.
Canon EOS 450D : Canon EOS Rebel XSi, Canon Kiss X2.
Canon EOS 500D : Canon EOS Rebel T1i, Canon Kiss X3.
Canon EOS 550D : Canon EOS Rebel T2i, Canon Kiss X4.
Canon EOS 600D : Canon EOS Rebel T3i, Canon Kiss X5.
Canon EOS 650D : Canon EOS Rebel T4i, Canon Kiss X6i.
Canon EOS 700D : Canon EOS Rebel T5i, Canon Kiss X7i.
Canon EOS 750D : Canon EOS Rebel T6i, Canon Kiss X8i.
Canon EOS 760D : Canon EOS Rebel T6s, Canon EOS 8000D.

Canon EOS 1000D : Canon EOS Rebel XS, Canon Kiss F Digital.
Canon EOS 1100D : Canon EOS Rebel T3, Canon EOS Kiss X50.
Canon EOS 1200D : Canon EOS Rebel T5, EOS Kiss X70.
Canon EOS 1300D : Canon EOS Rebel T6, EOS Kiss X80.

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