Top performance of Intel Coffee Lake processors on Geekbench 4

Here is the ranking of the current and possibly future Intel Coffee Lake processors.

ProcessorRelease dateBuildCores / ThreadsBaseTurboTDPGeekbench 4 single-coreGeekbench 4 multi-core
Intel Core i7-8740X2018 Q314 nm++6 / 123.8 GHz4.7 GHz117 W654027470
Intel Core i7-8700K2017 Q414 nm++6 / 123.7 GHz4.7 GHz95 W611526518
Intel Core i5-8640X2018 Q314 nm++6 / 63.8 GHz4.3 GHz116 W673523510
Intel Core i7-87002017 Q414 nm++6 / 123.2 GHz4.6 GHz65 W530822752
Intel Core i5-8600K2017 Q414 nm++6 / 63.6 GHz4.3 GHz95 W566321885
Intel Core i5-84002017 Q414 nm++6 / 62.8 GHz4.0 GHz65 W484218556
Intel Core i5-86002018 Q214 nm++6 / 63.1 GHz4.3 GHz65 W495518370
Intel Core i5-85002018 Q214 nm++6 / 63.0 GHz4.1 GHz65 W479117799
Intel Core i3-8350K2017 Q414 nm++4 / 44.0 GHz-91 W570115454
Intel Core i3-81002017 Q414 nm++4 / 43.6 GHz-65 W427012020

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