Top 15 world fortunes in march 2018

Here is the list of the world’s biggest fortunes in this month of March 2018:

(in billion of dollars)
Progression on one year
(in billion of dollars)
Progression on one year
(in pourcentage)
Jeff BezosUSA124,3+42,6+52%E-Commerce, Amazon
Bill GatesUSA90,8+6,3+7%Software, Microsoft
Warren BuffetUSA86,6+14,4+20%Investment
Bernard ArnaultFrance74,1+32,6+79%Luxury, LVMH
Mark ZukerbergUSA71,2+1,6+2%Social network, Facebook
Amancio OrtegaSpain65,6-5,7-10%Clothes, Zara
Larry EllisonUSA61,2+1,9+3%Software, Oracle
Larry PageUSA52,4+17,3+49%Internet, Google
Sergey BrinUSA49,0+6,3+15%Internet, Google
Ma HuatengChina47,1+10,4+28%Internet, Tencent
Steve BallmerUSA40,0+7,1+22%Software, Microsoft
Jack MaChina39,5+2,1+6%E-Commerce, Alibaba
Michael DellUSA24,3+1,9+8%Hardware, Dell
Masayoshi SonChina22,4+0,0+0%Finance, SoftBank
Elon MuskSouth Africa20,8+0,1+0%Auto, Tesla

The biggest increase over one year is the one of Jeff Bezos.

The biggest increase in percentage terms is claimed by Bernard Arnault.


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