The Tkon Empire in Star Trek

The Tkon Empire, also known as the Empire of the Eternal Flame, was an empire that existed 600,000 years ago, with a population of several trillions (thousands of billions) of individuals and extending over hundreds worlds. They were very advanced technologically and were able to move stars, to use the planets as outposts for the defense of their territory. The guards on the outposts were called Portals.

The beginnings

When the civilization of the Tkons began to develop, a meteor crashed in their world, this one was the Heart of the Devil, a powerful artifact that allowed the race to become a stellar empire.


The empire lasted hundreds of years divided into Tkon era called ages, here are the last ages:

– Bastu,
– Cimi,
– Xora,
– Makto.

They expanded to the worlds of Wsor and Rzom. They sent ambassadors to the organs. But these lasts have refused their presence on Organia.

They were one of the main races of their time and in their part of the galaxy. The lower species considered them as half-gods because of their advanced technology.

They were able to terraform the planets, to travel interstellar distances.

The main planet of the Tkons was Eremar (located on the boundary of the Quadrant Alpha with the Quadrant Beta). Their capital was Ozari-thul. The supreme leader was the Empress.

They were forced to fight against the Shedais, a race also present in the sector. They were going to use a weapon to neutralize the Shedais, but the Shedais had detonated the star of Eremar just before, which was the first big crisis for the Tkons. At this moment, the “Great Endeavour” was launched in order to save their world.

Mass extinction

The Empire collapsed during the Makto era when the super central sun of their system turned into a supernova.

Q experienced the Tkon empire. He revealed to captain Jean-Luc Picard that entity 0, an omnipotent species from another dimensional plane that he allowed with his allies to enter our Universe, had made a civil war with the Tkons after several provocations. The Tkons were making the “Great Endeavour”, an operation supposed to save their dying star.

After 50 years of conflict, the Tkons were able to survive and were also on the verge of accomplishing this crucial operation. They wanted to teleport their sun outside their system to be able to replace it with a new one. However, entity 0, dissatisfied that the Tkons won the battle, destabilized the star which in collapsed on itself.

As a result of which Q decided to banish 0 of the galaxy in sending them in the continuum Q and by creating a galactic barrier to prevent its eventual return. Q then told Picard that the star transport system that the Tkons wanted to use still exists somewhere in the galaxy. He then recommended that he gets it back before someone else does.


There are rumors that Tkons survived and moved out of the galaxy. For other races, the Tkons are only a legend.

Portal 63

In the Starfleet archives, at least Portal 63 (on Delphi Ardu IV; photo above) survived the mass extinction of the Tkon. The USS Enterprise-D came into contact with him in 2364. The Federation has very little information about this empire which has been the largest community present in the galaxy.

The Federation places the Tkons on the same level as the Cytherians on the logarithmic development scale of Weibrand, ie at the 100 level.