They are Billions, how to win for sure?

They Are Billions is a strategy game that can quickly seem impossible to win. And yet by applying certain techniques, it is quite feasible to pass the different levels of difficulty to unlock the maps and test the new ways of playing.


Do not hesitate to use the pause mode, to see what your city looks like, its position on the map, how to manage your units, the defenses, better manage its resources, know what to build and where.

Recognition on the map

It is important to use fast units to walk around the map and know where to set the new parts of your city. But also to find the places where there are resources available (gold, wood, stone, iron, petrol), where to find the infected villages. Where are the obstacles, the mountains, the sea, where are the green areas, the non-fertile lands.

Cleaning the map

We must think about creating a small battalion of units that will clean the map to spread smoothly. Otherwise you risk losing farms and houses during unpredictable attacks and experiencing slowdowns.


We must build everywhere to have maximum resources and wealth before the final wave. And so build a maximum of houses, fields, hunting huts, fishing, power plants. Think about having enough warehouses.

Destruction / Reconstruction

When you increase the size of your camp, you have to build new defenses a little further and think about dismantling the old ones closer to the HQ, which are no longer used for anything except to pump gold and energy unnecessarily.

Before the final wave, we must destroy all useless buildings that could create additional infected, such as houses, farms, cabins, power stations, warehouses … and of course check that we have enough workers and energy (above 60), in order to build ballists, palisades, stone walls, shock towers, executors. First, start by destroying everything that generates food.

End up doing more than just wooden palisades everywhere to slow down the infected.

The expansion

The key in They Are Billions is clearly expansion. We must be able to fill the entire map of our city before the arrival of the horde of zombies. Why? because if the city is small the horde that comes from all sides will regroup and focus on certain areas of the city and easily destroy them. Whereas if the city is large, there won’t be this effect of concentration and it will be easy to eradicate the scattered horde.

It will then be your defense that will do the rest of the job. This requires a large circle of various towers on the periphery, and a circle of defense around the headquarters. You have to create a line of ballists, one of executors, one of shocks of shock, one more of ballists.

Choice of units / towers

It is the choice of each to make either units, or attacking towers, or a bit of both.


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