The best telescope to observe the planets?

What is the telescope that is best suited for observing Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, as well as all the other planets in the solar system? You should know that some telescopes have too small magnification and will only be used to see the moon, or just the landscape. Others will rather be made to scan the stars, nebulae, galaxies. And then there are those who give us the opportunity to see in detail the planets.

The Celestron AstroMaster 70AZ telescope is large, with a focal length of 900 mm. It comes with two eyepieces of 10 and 20 mm, an Azimuth style mount. Its magnification factor is 45X and 90X. The diameter of the lens is 70 mm. It is a quality equipment. The setting is easy. The global weight is 30 pounds, which can be quite heavy to walk with it on a long distance.

It is excellent for beginners who wish to observe the planets. It can be used for astronomy but also to see the horizon. It has a viewfinder to help fix the elements of the cosmos, this one can be tricky to use. Its highest magnification ratio can reach 165X. We can then upgrade it by putting more complex eyepieces.

It offers a detailed view of Saturn’s rings, Jupiter’s moons and more. It’s enough to see the Andromeda galaxy, the Orion Nebula.


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