What telescope for a beginner?

Which telescope to choose when we wish to begin in the observation of the stars? There is a large number of devices to observe the dark sky, with all kinds of magnification, all kinds of prices; if we do not know if we want to invest a lot of time in astronomy, it will be better to buy first a telescope at a low price that we can resell quickly if we do not want to make it a passion.

The Celestron Travel Scope 70 travel telescope has a focal length of 400 mm, two eyepieces of 20 and 10 mm respectively with 20X and 40X magnifications, a 5×24 searcher, a 45° diagonal mirror. It also has a backpack to be able to transport it more easily to a place of observation. It is supplied with an aluminum tripod which incorporates an Alt-Azimuth type equatorial mount, that is to say a device comprising an axis of rotation parallel to the axis of the terrestrial rotation.

With this telescope, you can have a magnification of 165X. The optics are coated glass, making the images clear and vivid. It is very good to observe the Moon, we can see the rings of Saturn. For best results, you can opt for a more complex eyepiece.

With a powerful camera, an exposure of one minute, a sensitivity of 6400 ISO, we can do wonders. With catches of galaxies, gaseous nebulae, clusters of stars that strongly resemble those of NASA.

The leg has a certain instability and can make the observation difficult. It will be better to complete the system with a better tripod (count 20 dollars).


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