Tall lava lamp of 27 inches

Nowadays large lava lamps are rare. It is difficult to find lamps with a height of more than 20 inches. There are still large format lamps, with a large glass tube.

The Lava Lite lava lamp is over 27 inches high. It works with an incandescent bulb of 100W max.

It exists in several colors:

– purple liquid, with red lava balls,
– orange liquid, with red-orange lava balls,
– transparent liquid, with purple lava balls.

It takes about an hour for the wax to melt and turn into lava.

The lamp has a very satisfying hypnotic effect on the mind. It has a retro side that recalls the warmth of the apartments of the 70s. It allows you to enjoy a session of light therapy and forget all the stress of everyday life. We are quickly relaxed and we can then resource.

The lamp creates a warm atmosphere, it feels like having a fireplace in the room. Or at least a small volcano with regular eruptions.


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