Synonyms for the word included

Here is a list of synonyms for the word included in order to make different sentences in your texts.


incorporated, contained, integrated, inserted, taken into consideration, embedded, embodied, added, encased, factored, nested, reflected, duly noted, enclosed, counting, brought together, blended, merged, involved, introduced, indexed, encompassed, computed, thought, quantified, entered, covered, assimilated, absorbed, injected, related, applied, documented, estimated, annexed, internalized, affected, measured, absorbed, interiorized, submitted, esteemed, processed, equated, appended, related, sucked, linked, addressed, connected, quantified, digested, regarded, welded, metabolized, combined, blended, implicated, embraced, counted, hedged, assigned, associated, bound, metered, determined, rated, wrapped, cataloged, weighed, inscribed, sent, registered, valued, put in, acknowledged, affiliated, correlated, interlinked, put in the balance, interrelated, entwined, concatenated, enclosed, discussed, treated, attributed, mixed up, recognized, tied, appreciated, fused, planned, impacted, glued, mirrored, inputted, unified, engulfed, joined, reported, dealt, logged, targetted, caught up, engaged, amalgamated, judged, refers to, evaluated, touches to, appraised, carried out, tagged, encapsulated, fixed, affects, influences, overlaps, initiated, advertised, circled, highlighted, impacted, recorded, served, installed, fetched, digested, figured, engineered, deemed, forecasted, assessed, gauged, expected, allocated, assumed, studied, earmarked, posted, detected, captured, staged, sorted, understood.



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