Sudden Strike 4 : Winter Storm is a very good strategy game

Sudden Strike 4’s latest add-on, Sudden Strike 4: Winter Storm is an excellent extension to the famous strategy game that takes place during the Second World War. We have two campaigns, on the one hand the Finns who have to face the Soviets, on the other hand the Soviets who have to attack the Finns.

There are only 3 missions per campaign, but they are directly difficult and long missions. We are not disappointed, especially for the last Soviet mission which can be endless if we decide to evolve with only one type of units.

We can stay for hours just on this extension. It is also possible to fill the different challenges, to change the general, to choose the difficulty. We note that we have never had so many tanks in a strategy game, with several dozen medium and heavy tanks.

We regret as always the impossibility of being able to completely repair the tanks. Also annoying: the impossibility to use the artillery. We only have one tank capable of bombarding a location from a long distance. We are entitled to no bomber. Another big flaw is the impossibility to create new units.


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