Strongest lava lamp

Nowadays, the bulb is much more modern than the one of the previous models of lava lamp. It is more powerful while being more economical.

It can be programmed by connecting it to a timer, so that it already works when we are coming home from work.

The Lava Lite lava lamp is a lamp of very good quality of manufacture, very solid. Lava Lite is one of the first brands that have sold the lava lamp. Their customer service is excellent, quick defective part change, possibility of refreshing the device if necessary.

It takes an hour or an hour and a half for the wax to become lava and to see the ballet of glowing red balls. We remain as hypnotized in front of this marvel of light.

Unlike cheap competition, Lava Lite lamps last for many years. The mechanism is much heavier than those in the early 2000s with a spring to transmit heat inside the bottle that was unhooked and stuck in the frozen wax. The quality is optimal and the price is amply justified.

It is a very beautiful object of decoration which will enhance a room.


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