The Q in Star Trek

The Qs have their own contiuum time space, they can appear at any time, anywhere in the Universe. They can change whatever they want at will with the help of their mind alone. They are limited only to this Universe (this reality), although they are able to access other Universes (alternative realities). They may also change dimension.

Only their oversized ego, the stupidity of their actions make them more of an obstacle than an aid for other intelligent species. The Qs are supposed to govern the galaxies and put them in order, they often make trials to beings to make them understand their limits or to raise them but in reality they are not so present when interstellar conflicts appear; They are too often content with isolated actions on handfuls of individuals. They are supposed to be omniscient, but this is not what we can observe.

The Ms have the same power as the Qs. Both appeared when the multiverse was created.

The Q are much superior to the Organians, the Cytherians, and the Douwds.

They are not far from the image of the omnipotent and omniscient god that we make ourself.

Sometimes they happen to propose to a mortal to have powers similar to theirs for a limited time.

The Qs can have dissension between them and can make war.