SSL how to and tips

How to setup and remove a SSL certificate, how to configure it with Nginx, Apache. How to deal with the main errors, how to rewrite http urls into https urls and vice versa.

Apache configuration :

Options-ssl-apache.conf content.
Example of default-ssl.conf for Let’s Encrypt.
Example of website configuration file for Let’s Encrypt.
Http redirected to default conf when SSL enabled.

Nginx configuration :

– To come.

From http to https and vice versa :

WordPress from https to http.
Redirect http to https with htaccess.
Replace http by https in YOAST sitemap.
Rewrite http to https in the database of WordPress.
Redirect https to http with htaccess.

Setup :

Setup a SSL certificate.

SSL info :

Check the Let’s Encrypt certificate expiration date.
Enable SSL.
Disable SSL.
Wild card SSL and sub domain website.

Issues :

Invalid command ‘SSLEngine’.
Port 443 is already in use by another process.
Too many certificates already issued for:
Can’t cd to /opt/letsencrypt.