Possible specifications of the Intel Meteor Lake

Here is the list of possible features of the Intel Meteor Lake processors.

ProcessorRelease dateBuildCores / ThreadsBaseTurboCacheMax MemoryMemory TypeMax PCIeTDP
Intel Core i7-12740X2023 Q37 nm10 / 204.2 GHz5.1 GHz24 MB256 GBDDR5-386616134 W
Intel Core i7-12700K2023 Q37 nm8 / 164.1 GHz5.2 GHz18 MB256 GBDDR5-360016108 W
Intel Core i7-127002023 Q37 nm8 / 163.0 GHz5.5 GHz18 MB256 GBDDR5-36001646 W
Intel Core i5-12640X2023 Q37 nm8 / 84.1 GHz5.2 GHz13.5 MB256 GBDDR5-38661674 W
Intel Core i5-12600K2023 Q37 nm8 / 83.9 GHz5.7 GHz13.5 MB256 GBDDR5-36001658 W
Intel Core i5-126002023 Q37 nm6 / 62.8 GHz4.8 GHz13.5 MB256 GBDDR5-36001639 W
Intel Core i5-125002023 Q37 nm6 / 62.8 GHz4.6 GHz13.5 MB256 GBDDR5-36001639 W
Intel Core i5-124002023 Q37 nm6 / 62.7 GHz5.1 GHz10 MB256 GBDDR5-36001644 W
Intel Core i3-12350K2023 Q37 nm8 / 84.9 GHz-16 MB256 GBDDR5-34661693 W
Intel Core i3-121002023 Q37 nm4 / 44.7 GHz-6 MB256 GBDDR5-34661650 W

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