Snapdragon 845 vs Apple A11 Bionic performance comparison

Performance comparison between Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 mobile processors on one side, and the Apple A11 Bionic on the other, are the flagship processors of the moment used in Apple and Samsung smartphones.

BenchmarksQualcomm Snapdragon 845Apple A11 Bionic
Geekbench 4 Single core Score22404027
Geekbench 4 Multi core Score79469550
Single Crypto Score15372858
Single Integer Score26704612
Single Floating Point Score20353943
Single Memory Score30753881
Single Memory Copy 6.2 GB/sec13.7 GB/sec
Single Memory Bandwidth 15.5 GB/sec16.3 GB/sec
Multi Crypto Score70717113
Multi Integer Score1008012080
Multi Floating Point Score771610226
Multi Memory Score38543943
Multi AES 5.33 GB/sec5.4 GB/sec
Multi LZMA15.4 MB/sec14 MB/sec
Multi JPEG 96.4 Mpixels/sec90.3 Mpixels/sec
Multi Canny 138.7 Mpixels/sec152.1 Mpixels/sec
Multi Lua 9.01 MB/sec12.1 MB/sec
Multi Dijkstra 7.5 MTE/sec7.8 MTE/sec
Multi SQLite279.1 Krows/sec298.8 Krows/sec
Multi HTML5 Parse57.5 MB/sec50.2 MB/sec
Multi HTML5 DOM 5.42 MElements/sec12.3 MElements/sec
Multi Histogram Equalization302.9 Mpixels/sec357.1 Mpixels/sec
Multi PDF Rendering 288.7 Mpixels/sec301.9 Mpixels/sec
Multi LLVM 0.6795 functions/sec1.68 functions/sec
Multi Camera 33.5 images/sec34.8 images/sec
Multi SGEMM 58.5 Gflops118.4 Gflops
Multi SFFT 16.2 Gflops23.3 Gflops
Multi N-Body Physics 5.58 Mpairs/sec7.06 Mpairs/sec
Multi Ray Tracing 1.32 Mpixels/sec1.51 Mpixels/sec
Multi Rigid Body Physics37552.4 FPS37251.9 FPS
Multi HDR 47.2 Mpixels/sec52.4 Mpixels/sec
Multi Gaussian Blur127.6 Mpixels/sec188.7 Mpixels/sec
Multi Speech Recognition53 Words/sec81.5 Words/sec
Multi Face Detection3.1 Msubwindows/sec3.7 Msubwindows/sec
Multi Memory Copy9.42 GB/sec15.7 GB/sec
Multi Memory Latency10.9 Moperations/sec122.1 ns
Multi Memory Bandwidth 19 GB/sec16.3 GB/sec
Global performance+34%
EbaySnapdragon 845Apple A11 Bionic

Apple’s chip is 34% more powerful than Qualcomm’s. Unfortunately there is still a huge margin to catch up with Qualcomm to hope to compete with Apple. In the meantime, Apple has achieved the feat of being as powerful as the beginning of Intel processors.

Snapdragon 845 vs Apple A11 Bionic (Geekbench 4).

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