Snapdragon 835 vs Intel processors in 2018

Performance comparison of the Snapdragon 835 and the Intel processors. These results come from the benchmarking software Geekbench 4. This comparative table is relative because it is not the same type of electronic device, nor the same type of operating system.

Snapdragon 835 vs processeurs Intel (Geekbench 4).

For each value, it is an average of the last 250 results.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor is not far from the latest Intel processors.

ProcessorBuildCores / ThreadsBaseTurboCacheGeekbench 4
Single core
Geekbench 4
Intel Core i9-7980XE14 nm+18 / 362.6 GHz4.2 GHz24.75 MB5,19637,937
Intel Core i9-7920X14 nm+12 / 242.9 GHz4.3 GHz16.5 MB5,41337,300
Intel Core i9-7960X14 nm+16 / 323.1 GHz4.3 GHz19.25 MB5,23636,720
Intel Core i9-7940X14 nm+14 / 283.1 GHz4.3 GHz19.25 MB5,13935,147
Intel Core i9-7900X14 nm+10 / 203.3 GHz4.3 GHz13.75 MB5,30032,728
Intel Core i7-7820X14 nm+8 / 163.6 GHz4.3 GHz11 MB5,25728,486
Intel Core i7-8700K14 nm++6 / 123.7 GHz4.7 GHz12 MB6,01825,682
Intel Core i7-870014 nm++6 / 123.2 GHz4.6 GHz12 MB5,62324,627
Intel Core i7-7800X14 nm+6 / 123.5 GHz4.0 GHz8.25 MB4,99223,465
Intel Core i5-8600K14 nm++6 / 63.6 GHz4.3 GHz9 MB5,79922,608
Intel Core i7-7740X14 nm+4 / 84.3 GHz4.5 GHz8 MB5,98520,051
Intel Core i7-7700K14 nm+4 / 84.2 GHz4.5 GHz8 MB5,81319,419
Intel Core i5-850014 nm++6 / 63.0 GHz4.1 GHz9 MB5,03619,665
Intel Core i5-840014 nm++6 / 62.8 GHz4.0 GHz9 MB5,06419,612
Intel Core i5-7640X14 nm+4 / 44.0 GHz4.2 GHz6 MB6,22217,693
Intel Core i3-8350K14 nm++4 / 44.0 GHz-8 MB5,38816,116
Intel Core i7-770014 nm+4 / 83.6 GHz4.2 GHz8 MB4,77115,355
Intel Core i5-7600K14 nm+4 / 43.8 GHz4.2 GHz6 MB5,34515,348
Intel Core i5-750014 nm+4 / 43.4 GHz3.8 GHz6 MB4,66513,378
Intel Core i5-740014 nm+4 / 43.0 GHz3.5 GHz6 MB4,22211,820
Intel Core i3-810014 nm++4 / 43.6 GHz-6 MB4,22011,590
Intel Core i3-7350K14 nm+2 / 44.2 GHz-4 MB5,37610,552
Intel Core i3-710014 nm+2 / 43.9 GHz-3 MB4,4448,439
Snapdragon 83510 nm4 + 41.9 / 2.5 GHz-1 MB1,7495,853

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