Size comparison: Death Star 1 vs Death Star 2

Size comparison between the original Death Star and the Second Death Star.

DetailsDeath StarDeath Star II
Year21 BBY (3256 LY) - 0 BBY (3277 LY)25 BBY (3260 LY) - 4 ABY (3281 LY)
CommandersDirector Orson Callan Krennic, Grand Moff Wilhuff TarkinMoff Tiaan Jerjerrod
Diameter160 km375 km
Height120 km381 km
Mass5.5×10^18 kg3.9×10^19 kg
Max speed1.2cHyperdrive system incomplete
Population1,577,000 humains, 370,000 droids1,800,000 officers, 600,000 droids
Decks29 98860 910
ArmementMk I Superlaser, Tractor beam emplacements, Turbolaser batteries, Super Blaster, laser cannons, Ion cannonsSuperlaser, Heavy turbolasers, Standard turbolasers, Laser cannons, Ion cannons, Tractor beam projectors


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