Size comparison between the Sun and Betelgeuse

Size comparison between two stars, the Sun and Betelgeuse.

Diameter1 392 684 km1 671 220 800 km
Period revolution220M years?
Mass1 989 100 × 10^24 kg29 836 500 × 10^24 kg
Surface gravity273.95 m/s^2 (28 g)0.0023 m/s^2 (0.0018747 g)
Rotation speed781 200 km/h,?
Surface temperature5 772 K3 590 K
Chimical composition73% hydrogen, 25% hélium, 1% oxygène.?
Atmosphere compositionMonoxide de carbone, eau.?
Age4 600 000 000 years10 000 000 years
Luminosity3.8 ×10^26 W570 000 ×10^26 W
Betelgeuse is a young red supergiant star belonging to the spectral class M in the Orion constellation at the last stage of its evolution. It is distant from Earth by 500 light years. It will “soon” explode in supernova and will then be visible from Earth in broad daylight for several days. Like most supergiants, it will explode “soon” as a supernova because of its mass and will then be visible from the Earth in broad daylight for several days.


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