Size comparison between the Earth and the Sun

Here is an image that compares the size of the planet Earth with our Sun’s one.

Diameter12 742 km1 392 684 km
Period revolution365 days220M years
Mass5,97×10^24 kg1 989 100 × 10^24 kg
Surface gravity9,8 m/s^2 (1 g)273,95 m/s^2 (28 g)
Rotation speed1 674 km/h781 200 km/h,
Average temperature15°C15,1M°C
Chimical composition32% iron, 30% oxygene, 15% silicon, 14% magnesium, 3% sulfur, 2% nickel, 2% calcium.73% hydrogen, 25% hélium, 1% oxygène.
Atmospheric pression101 325 kPa-
Atmosphere composition78% nitrogen, 21% oxygene, 1% argon.Monoxide de carbone, eau.
Highest mountainMount Everest 8,8 km-
Deepest basinMariannes -10,2 km-

The Earth remains visible but it is no less insignificant.


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