Size comparison between the Earth and the Starkiller Base

Here is an image of the size comparison between planet Earth and Starkiller Base in Star Wars, the force awakens.

DetailsEarthStarkiller Base
Diameter12 742 km660 km
Mass5,97×10^24 kg0,016×10^24 kg
Surface gravity9,8 m/s^2 (1 g)?
Rotation speed1 674 km/h?
Average temperature15°C25°C
Chimical composition32% iron, 30% oxygene, 15% silicon, 14% magnesium, 3% sulfur, 2% nickel, 2% calcium.Iron, titanium, aluminium, silicon.
Population7 600 000 000 humans3 000 000 humans, 700 000 droids


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