How to setup logwatch

apt-get install logwatch
nano /usr/share/logwatch/default.conf/logwatch.conf

You can change MailTo = root if wanted.

Here are the possible command :

logwatch [--detail level ] [--logfile log-file-group ] [--service ser‐ vice-name ] [--mailto address ] [--archives] [--range range ] [--debug level ] [--filename file-name ] [--logdir directory ] [--hostname host‐ name ] [--hostformat host based options ] [--output output-type ] [--format report format ] [--encode encoding to use ] [--numeric] [--version] [--help|--usage]

Example of commands :

logwatch --detail Low --mailto email@address --service http --range today
logwatch --detail Low --mailto email@address --service kernel --range today