Best SEO analyzer tools

Some links to verirfy if your website or blog has been well optimized and is SEO compatible :

The SEO tool will analyze :

– if the Googlebot can access to your pages (css and javascript files),
– if the website design is well displayed in mobile devices (legible text, viewport configuration, size of the tap targets, content viewport fitting, plugins, blocking interstitials),
– if the security is correct (presence of the https),
– if the accessibility is good (language, link to main content, empty alt links, valid HTML),
– if the page speed is okay (browser caching, minimal redirects, render css, compression, minimized HTML and javascript, optimized images, content prioritized, server response time),
– if the robots.txt guideline is respected,
– what are the alt text for the pictures,
– the presence of the sitemaps for the bots and users,
– if “if modified since” is available,
– if there are paid links,
– if the HTML is W3C validated,
– the amount of links,
– if the links are findable,
– the presence of the HTTP headers.

Alexa rank – Website :

1 – Google Search Console,
2595 – GTMetrix,
6342 – WooRank,
9717 – Neilpatel Analyzer,
12199 – SEO Site Checkup,
17361 – OnPage,
20739 – Varvy SEO tool,
22976 – SEOCentro SEO Analyzer,
28516 – Site Analyzer,
68746 – SEO Web Page Analyzer,
105473 – SEO Workers Tools Analyzer,
181214 – Alyse Optimization,
202732 – Site SEO Analysis.