Senseo Capsule for one coffee

Nowadays, it is difficult to find compatible capsules for the Senseo coffee maker and which make it possible to put enough coffee for only one.

Indeed, we find only capsules for two coffees. Which have permanent filters.

So we have no choice but to use pods or the capsule for two coffees with ground coffee. It is not possible to put half less coffee in the capsule to have only one coffee in the end because it will be too diluted in the water.

The best choice is the second option. So we will make a double coffee; but it will be better to take it at the beginning of the morning, otherwise it will be difficult to fall asleep at night, unless you have had a busy day. From an economic point of view, there will be no real benefit, since we take two doses at a time (unless we share the coffee with a companion), but at the taste level we will have a much better quality ! The choice panel will be wider. And there will be less waste produced.