How to secure your balcony

How to make sure that your balcony is more secure to prevent a child from flipping to the other side, a cat or a dog? There are several solutions. The most common is to set up a net. But beware there are several types of net. Some are in classic mesh and others reinforced with wire. The first leaves gaps and in the end, a cat or a child can fall from the balcony, this happens frequently. The second is just perfect.

To install the reinforced protective net by Trixie, just drill holes in the side walls of the balcony. 6-7 holes on both sides, from the bottom to the top of each wall are enough. If the balcony is more than 18 feet long, it may be necessary to add hooks at the ceiling. However, in many buildings the concrete of the balconies is too compact to pierce. It will then be necessary to fix a metal frame in order to consolidate the net. At the end a string at the ends of the net can hold it tight.


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