The richest men of all time

If we take into account the estimation of the wealth of the various leaders of the present planet by  historians, economists, and intelligence agents, then here is the list of the richest men of all time:

Akbar IIndia1542-1605Emperor1 715 billion dollarsTime 2015
Xerxes IPersia519-465 B.C.King1 160 billion dollarsWeborus 2017
Genghis KhanMongol Empire1162-1227Great Khan1 050 billion dollarsWeborus 2017
Abdelaziz Al SaoudSaudi Arabia1935-actualKing1 035 billion dollarsWeborus 2017
Harald VNorway1937-actualKing1 012 billion dollarsWeborus 2017
Joseph StalinSoviet Union1878-1953General secretary962 billion dollarsTime 2015
Zayed Al NahyaneUAE1948-actualEmir828 billion dollarsWeborus 2017
Mao ZedongChine1893-1973President667 billion dollarsWeborus 2017
Sabah IVKuwait1929-actualEmir642 billion dollarsWeborus 2017
Shâh JahânIndia1592-1666Emperor556 billion dollarsWeborus 2017
Adolf HitlerGermany1889-1945Führer475 billion dollarsWeborus 2017
Musa IMali1280-1337King429 billion dollarsThe Independant 2012
Napoleon BonaparteFrance1769-1821Emperor408 billion dollarsWeborus 2017
John D. RockefellerUSA1839-1937Oil399 billion dollarsFBACS 2015
Rothschild familyEuropa1520-actualBank364 billion dollarsCelebritynetworth 2014
Abd al-Rahman IIICordoba891-961Emir346 billion dollarsWeborus 2017
AugustusRoman empire63 B.C. -14Emperor345 billion dollarsWeborus 2017
Hamad Al ThaniQatar1980-actualEmir335 billion dollarsWeborus 2017
Andrew CarnegieUSA1835-1919Steel310 billion dollarsFBACS 2015
Shenzong of SongChina1048-1085Emperor270 billion dollarsTime 2015
Louis XIVFrance1638-1715King263 billion dollarsWeborus 2017
Nicholas IIRussia1894-1917Tsar244 billion dollarsFBACS 2015
William the ConquerorNormandy1027-1087King243 billion dollarsTheRichest 2013
William Henry VanderbiltRussia1821-1885Railroad241 billion dollarsFBACS 2015
Benito MussoliniItaly1883-1945Prime minister220 billion dollarsWeborus 2017
Asaf Jah VIIIndia1886-1967Sovereign219 billion dollarsFBACS 2015
Muammar GaddafiLibya1942-2011Leader219 billion dollarsLA Times 2011
Vladimir PutinRussia1952-actualPresident205 billion dollarsIB Times 2016
Andrew MellonUSA1855-1937Bank196 billion dollarsFBACS 2015
Henry FordUSA1863-1947Automotive195 billion dollarsFBACS 2015
Alan RufusFrance1040-1093Noble186 billion dollarsCelebritynetworth 2014
Frederic IIIPrussia1657-1713Prince-elector179 billion dollarsWeborus 2017
Marcus Licinius CrassusRoman empire115-53 B.C.General176 billion dollarsFBACS 2015
Basile IIByzantine958-1025Emperor176 billion dollarsFBACS 2015
Cornelius VanderbiltUSA1794-1877Railroad173 billion dollarsFBACS 2015
William de WarenneNormandy1027-1088Lord153 billion dollarsCelebritynetworth 2014
Francisco FrancoSpain1892-1975Head of state149 billion dollarsWeborus 2017
AnneEngland1665-1714Queen141 billion dollarsWeborus 2017
Otto von BismarckPrussia1815-1898Chancellor136 billion dollarsWeborus 2017
John Jacob AstorGermany1763-1848Fur trade126 billion dollarsCelebritynetworth 2014
Richard FitzalanEngland1306-1376Noble123 billion dollarsCelebritynetworth 2014
John of GauntEngland1340-1399Noble114 billion dollarsCelebritynetworth 2014
Anthony SalernoUSA1911-1992Crime110 billion dollarsWikia 2017
Stephen GirardFrance1750-1831Bank109 billion dollarsCelebritynetworth 2014
HeshenChina1750-1799Emperor106 billion dollarsWeborus 2017
Lucky LucianoItaly1897-1962Crime102 billion dollarsWikia 2017
Sam GiancanaUSA1908-1975Crime90 billion dollarsWikia 2017
Michael FranzeseUSA1951-actualCrime86 billion dollarsWikia 2017
Anthony AccardoUSA1906-1992Crime80 billion dollarsWikia 2017
Santo Trafficante, Jr.USA1914-1987Crime75 billion dollarsWikia 2017
Hosni MubarakEgypt1928-actualPresident72 billion dollarsInvestopedia 2016
Carlos MarcelloUSA1910-1993Crime70 billion dollarsWikia 2017
Ali Abdallah SalehYemen1942-2017President60 billion dollarsBBC 2015
Pablo EscobarColombia1949-1993Drug56 billion dollarsCelebritynetworth 2016
Cleopatra VIIEgypt69-30 B.C.Queen56 billion dollarsWeborus 2017
King SolomonIsrael990-931 B.C.King51 billion dollarsWeborus 2017
Ali Abdullah SalehYemen1942-actualPresident47 billion dollarsInvestopedia 2016
Al CaponeUSA1899-1947Mafia45 billion dollarsWikia 2017
Nebuchadnezzar IIBabylon605-562 B.C.King43 billion dollarsWeborus 2017
Julius CaesarRoman empire100-44 B.C.Emperor39 billion dollarsWeborus 2017
Amado Carrillo FuentesMexico1956-1997Drug38 billion dollarsCelebritynetworth 2016
Ben AliTunisia1936-actualPresident17 billion dollarsInvestopedia 2016
Joaquín GuzmánMexico1957-actualDrug14 billion dollarsForbes 2017
Tiberius NarcissusRoman empire? B.C. -54Freed12 billion dollarsWeborus 2017
Dawood IbrahimIndia1955-actualCrime9 billion dollarsIndiatoday 2017
Mohammed VIMorocco1963-actualKing6 billion dollarsWikipedia 2017
Marcus AureliusRoman empire121-180Emperor5 billion dollarsWeborus 2017
Kim Jong-unNorth Korea1983-actualSupreme leader5 billion dollarsCelebritynetworth 2016
Saddam HusseinIraq1979-2003President2 billion dollarsCelebritynetworth 2016
Bashar Al-AssadSyria1965-actualPresident2 billion dollarsCelebritynetworth 2016
Hugo ChavezVenezuela1954-2013President4 billion dollarsDaily Mail 2015

The values ​​have been adjusted with inflation in 2017 dollars. This is only the unofficial list of the greatest fortunes of all time.

These figures are very relative, for most of these personalities, it is almost impossible to quantify exactly their wealth. There are also many fantasies, especially around the Rothschild family that have fueled conspiracy theories for decades. Moreover, it is necessary to put the amount in question in comparison with the world GDP of the time. For example, Augustus’s fortune was equivalent to 3.5 times the world’s GDP at the time, as the world had fewer exploited resources comparing to nowadays (the same order of magnitude for Akbar I).

For the “heads of state” Nebuchadnezzar II, Akbar I, Louis XIV, Napoleon I, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, it is about the GDP of the territory at the time on which they had any power or their share of the GDP on the duration of their reign. For Genghis Khan, his wealth during his invasions was redistributed to his soldiers. The fortunes of the following characters remain to be determined:

– Ramses II, Tutankhamun, Cheops, Chephren, Mykerinos, Nefertiti, Pepi I, Pepi II, Apophis I, Tuthmosis III, Hatshepsut, Amenhotep III, Seti I, Darius I, Ptolemy II.
– Alexander the Great, Leonidas I, Hannibal Barca, Pericles, Croesus, Pompey, Tiberius, Claude, Nero, Titus, Cicero.
– Mehmet II, Soliman the Magnificent, Hammurabi.
– Constantine I, Charlemagne, Henry IV, Henry VIII, Richard I, Charles Martel, Philip II of Macedonia, Charles V.
– Sumerians, Assyrians, Mayans, Incas. Muʿawiya I, Attila, Sun Tzu, Qin Shihuang, Borom Trai Lokanat, Rama Thibodi II, Suryavarman II, Hâroun ar-Rachîd.
– Salvatore Riina, Du Yuesheng, Kazuo Taoka, Luciano Leggio.

The rulers of Venice, Vatican.


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