The Renewal of Thomson Computing

Thomson Computing was a computer brand that had been abandoned in the past for the benefit of other branches in Thomson’s electronics.

The founder of Surcouf decided to buy Thomson Computing, his father having worked in Thomson for many years and himself having been in computer science.

Thanks to innovation, Thomson Computing is experiencing an exceptional growth rate in view of the dying market represented by today’s IT. Where PC sales dropped by -13%, Computing Thomson has won the crazy bet to see its turnover increased by 300%!

Thomson Computing revenues:

2015: 12 million euros,
2016: 20 million euros,
2017: € 60 million (projections).

Example of innovations that seduces consumers: the installation of a projector capable of sending an image of 13 feet by 13 feet from a smartphone linked in bluetooth with a tablet.

For now Thomson Computing is mainly located in physical stores like Conforama, Hyper U; It wants to appear online with a contract with Cdiscount.

The brand is being established in Dubai, but also in China.

It found in Teddy Riner a spearhead; By being a shareholder of 8% he will regularly promote it on the TV.

It mainly produces tablets, laptops, video projectors, screens, USB keys, …

According to the CEO, today it is no longer the biggest who eats the smallest but the fastest that eats the slowest. Brands such as Apple and Samsung have to take 2-3 years to sell a production stock and therefore can not afford to release innovations every 3 months, but at best every year.

We must wish it one day to reach the same level while continuing with new technologies.


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