Qualcomm wants to develop computer processors

It was to be expected after the emulation of Windows 10 on an ARM chip, Qualcomm wants to conquer the world of computers.

Its processors are now twice as powerful as those of a basic laptop pc at 400-500 dollars. With enhanced engraving over time, Qualcomm will soon achieve the same performance as the average desktop processor.

It will take some time for this to happen, the ARM chips being mainly optimized for a single task and not so much for the operation of multiple applications launched in parallel.

Intel has a lot to worry about Apple and Google that would like to develop their own processor, Qualcomm which thanks to IBM and Samsung eats colossal market shares and then AMD that reborn from its ashes.

Still, Intel has warned Qualcomm and Microsoft that it would attack them in justice if they came to market the X86 emulation of Windows 10 on ARM processors, Intel having patents to accomplish this feat. Qualcomm simply responded by saying that “this post is interesting” when talking about Intel’s threatening post. In fact Qualcomm and Microsoft could buy AMD or Via that also owns this patent.


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