The best pure iron frypan

In a world invaded by Teflon, with stoves that are supposed to last in time whereas in reality they see their coating crumble into pieces in less than a year, we really quickly desire to ban this technology and come back to the good old steel stove.

The teflon that comes off in your stomach, for the moment there is no study about the consequence of the absorption of such material.

The main alternatives to the stove with a Teflon coating are:

– the cast pan,
– the copper pan,
– the iron stove,
– the stone stove,
– the vitrified pan,

The stone stove and vitrified frying pan evolves like the Teflon frying pan, they disintegrate quickly, they are more marketing appellations than real stoves.

The cast iron pan and the copper pan are superior to prepare crispy meals (paella or large roast beef), cooking is much slower than with the other stoves.

The stove that is the strongest and will not break down is the iron stove.

The best brand for quality iron stove at affordable price is from De Buyer.

Its best stove is the Mineral B Element iron frypan.

Just let the reaction of Maillard take place over to have food cooked to perfection.