How to prevent the trash can to stink?

The trash can be a real problem if it begins to stink. It will attract all the pests around, be it flies, gnats, or even creepers. In the end we will end up with a garbage bag infested with fly larvae. A simple solution is to put the organic waste apart. It is what generates nauseating gas.

The best is to opt for a stainless steel compost bin, unless you have a garden that is large enough to pile up an organic mound that will decompose and turn into compost. By using a composter we concentrate the reason of the stench problem in one place. To have a composter is not enough, it is often necessary to go in the nature to recover some worms which will do the work of transforming this waste into fertilizer. Fertilizers that can be reinjected into the pot of plants, in a planter or that we can offer to mother nature or to a friend gardener. There is no need to have worms here, the waste accumulates and settles down over the week. A charcoal filter covers odors and flies do not have access to its contents.


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