How to prevent barbecue rust

When we buy a barbecue, we think it will be robust enough to last in time. We are very disappointed when from one season to another we realize that rust has appeared. It goes from worse to worse and eat away the metal. At the end there is only a heap of shapeless rust. A barbecue can cost several hundred dollars, it is a shame to have to reinvest in a new device every 3-4 years.

The best way to protect the grill from rust is to cover it with a waterproof BBQ outdoor storage rainproof. Nowadays they are anti-UV, anti-water and anti-humidity. They are big enough to fit the most common types of BBQ, Char Broil, JennAir, Holland, Brinkman.

Handles are present on each side to facilitate the settings and the withdrawal. A strap system with scratches allow to keep it in place to face the elements (wind, storm). It is made to last, it resists against the rain, the seams are consolidated to avoid rips. The dust does not cross it. The material used is a hydrophobic 600D polyester fabric, coated with a UV-resistant coating. The materials are not too rigid. A storage bag comes with it.


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