Is it possible to make the testicles bigger?

The average size of testes in western countries is 2 inches in length per testis. In general one of them is smaller than the other. Some people have only one testicle, others in much rarer cases are born without testicles. The size of the testicles may vary from that of the nut to that of grapefruit. People who have developed testicular tumors can even got them the size of a basketball, or even the size of a bouncing ball!

Natural methods:

Sexual abstinence makes it possible to reach the maximum size in circumference of the testicles which are full of semen. The testosterone level has a natural cycle of 7 days, so a week is enough to see what is the maximum size of our sexual glands.

Ginseng is known to boost the testosterone level, and therefore physical performance but especially the sexuality. The testicles are therefore more quickly filled with sperm. It also increases cognitive performance, and overall vitality.

The massage of the testicles allows the scrotum to expand and consequently the testicles to position themselves a little lower. It makes them more visible, giving the impression that they are bigger than they are in reality.

As a result, testicular weights can help lower these and make them look bigger. Be careful, however, the testicles are positioned naturally to maintain the temperature of sperm, like a natural fridge, so avoid to put them too far away from the body if you want to procreate in the near future.

Testicles pump:

It is possible to increase the size of the testes momentarily, using a testicles pump. This will generate lymph that will fill the scrotum, giving the feeling that we have two huge testicles. This phenomenon lasts only a few hours. This type of pump is quite difficult to find, however.


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