Who is Pie at the Monastery in Kingdom Come?

The quest that drives you to conduct an investigation within the Monastery to find out who is Pie, the repentant bandit who wants to be in orders is the hardest part of the Kingdom Come Deliverance game. So much so that we spend days and days determining the identity of this famous criminal.

[Warning Spoilers]

Play the game

Either you play the game and you get the money under the slab in the room behind the dormitory. You surprise the two monks who drink wine in the cellar. You offer to help them get more. You buy the key of the Monastery to Master Cellerier, or hooks. Then, you read the book that lists the brothers, you find the treasure of Pie. He tries to poison you during dinner time in the refectory. He later confesses you who he is. You convince him to leave the monastery and there you will assassinate him to recover the dice. Which you return to the bandits at the tide on the other side of the river to finally get the location of their camp.

Make the bully

Either you go in thug mode. You retrieve the hook behind the triple panels in the Monastery Cathedral. You take your things in the room at the entrance to the drawbridge. You return to the cloister and kill brother Antonius (Pie). You steal his dice to give it to the bandit at the the rendezvous place.

I advise you to see how the day of a monk goes at first, then to opt for the second solution if you do not want to be eternally in this episode of the game.


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