Permanent filter for Senseo coffee maker

Senso permanent filter caps are used to hold ground coffee before injecting heated water.

Thanks to them, it is possible to save money. Instead of buying Senseo pods, you can insert the coffee of your choice, alternating between arabica and robusta. Test the Legal 1851, the Grand-Mère coffee, the Côte-d’Or, the Lavazza … and see which one corresponds most to your taste.

We can also test with roasted coffee.

In this way, we produce less waste. It is a plus for the protection of the planet. There is no difficulty for maintenance, just throw the ground coffee used in the trash, then rinse the filter.

At the end, we see that the coffee is better, compared to the usual pods.

Advice: fill the capsule well, packing the coffee, so that it is dense at the end. The capsule goes into the pod holder for two coffees.

These capsules are compatible with most versions of the Senseo coffee maker.