Periods of History and number of deaths due to the war

Here are the periods of history and the number of people who died during this time because of the war:

PeriodeDatesNumber of dead
Ancient Times3000 av JC - 476 ap JC8,739,559
Middle Ages476 - 14921,541,866
Renaissance1492 - 178912,518,388
Modern Era1789 - actuel194,381,857

It should be noted that during the 19th century, there were 6.6 million deaths due mainly to the Napoleonic Wars.

During the Middle Ages, it was at this moment that there were the least deaths due to the war. This is explained by a resurgence of diseases and epidemics that have been devastating, including the plague.

The Romans are responsible for most of the dead during ancient times.

The contemporary era is unsurprisingly the worst period, it was seriously affected by the two world wars.