Why people are depressed nowadays on Earth

Whatever is the country in the world, humans seem even more depressed than in the 80s, 90s or 2000 years. While we are living longer, we have a lot of facilities, with access to water, electricity, food, information via television or the Internet, a quality of entertainment never matched with very elaborate TV shows. Moreover, science is making wonders, many diseases are now curable. Advanced social security.

And yet, people have a permanent suspicion, they will quickly judge their neighbor, moralize them, tell them how to live, that this or that thing is forbidden, remind them the law. They are stifling and choking themselves, limiting themselves, shutting themselves up, having an obtuse mind, not much interested in things.

Disappearance of the religion

Religion is losing ground in developed countries. So faith disappears. The belief of a god, a virgin, a messiah replaces the parents when they disappear, and makes it possible to reassure ourself about death, about the Universe and its mysteries, about the illness that we can base on the fate or seeing in it a test that is submitted to us. The human is struggling to cope with this new void, especially when he gets older and begins to see his entourage being reduced. We lack an objective that could be the thirst for truth, science, discovery. A captain via a UN that would have more power, presence and leadership.

But on the other hand, the islamisation with an extreme current of several countries in the world.

Invasive consumption

Consumption gives us this eternal carrot that we can never catch. Even those who have everything: villa, swimming pool, companion and children often remain dissatisfied and unhappy. Through advertising, marketing knows how to give us desires that we did not have at the beginning, like the latest high tech smartphone, fashionable clothes, a car full of options. We target a part of our brain that is very sensitive to the power of the pictures, colors, artifices.

Consumer credit is often used to get TV with an even flatter screen, a deeper definition; the last video game console with virtual reality. But beside technology with 4K resolution, 3D have not even become standards.

We do not hesitate to put half naked women to sell us mattresses, yogurts. Even in the street on the rolling billboards, at the sight of children conditioned from an early age. Pornography is allowed. In some countries, prostitution. And on the other side, we complain about the condition of the woman, sexual harassment.

Programmed obsolescence rampant

Scheduled obsolescence is a drift from the consumer society. For the human being to consume constantly, the life expectancy of objects is reduced, as is the price. We buy regularly devices that will last a few years, which are difficult to repair. The human has the impression to be cheated. We accepted this fact because it boosts the economy, while we are in total contradiction with sustainable development, an economy of the resources of the planet toward what we want to go to.

Deformation of social networks

Social networks such as Instagram or Facebook at its beginnings participate in the consumer society with images that are mostly unrepresentative of the reality. We choose the best picture on a hundred shots. We show ourselves in luxury clothes, near a luxury car while we live in a dilapidated apartment. We invent a life that we will probably never have. We jealous people we do not know, who put themselves forward in situations they do not really live on a daily basis.

Agricultural skid

For the production to be optimal, the plants are modified without having enough time to study the consequences on the organisms that ingest them. We create non-fertile seeds. We have the impression that we no longer master the cycle of food.

We use fertilizers, pesticides that have devastating effects on flora and fauna. With the disappearance of the bees which is in fact only the visible part of the iceberg. As in Germany, 75% of insects have disappeared during the last 30 years.

The bio that is actually not really bio, with the conditions for obtaining the label that decline. Organic prices that are 4 to 5 times higher than non organic. We are led to believe that to avoid getting cancer, we must go to this new diet.

Multiplication of scandals

Hydrocarbons and glyphosate in pasta. Animals tortured in slaughterhouses. Chickens selected to grow 6 times faster. Carcinogenic parabens, allergens, endocrine disruptors in cosmetics, washing creams, sunscreens, styling gels. Fine particles in the air, the impression of breathing soot in the city centers, the impression of having the view that is pixelated in capital cities during the peaks of pollution. The increase in cancer, since now we have a chance in two to get one during our life.

An accusing ecology

The media are constantly accusing us of polluting the planet, that everyone is responsible for the damage done to nature, whereas the political, industrial decisions of a long time ago were made by a handful of individuals. It is true that everyone has their share of responsibility but it is not the right method for a transition to more ecology.

Some remain refractory, reject the consequences of the increase in CO2 on the greenhouse effect, the melting of ice, for them it is natural. There certainly was a better way to get everyone to join the movement.

Explosion of terrorism

Terrorism is pushing us to our limits. It lets us think that everyone can be a danger to ourself or others. We must remain constantly vigilant, it tires us faster.

As a result, we have a resurgence of nationalism that is taking over all over the world. Regions want to declare their independence. We are moving towards division rather than a whole world community.

Perpetual crises

The ghosts of previous economic crises. The difficulties of current crises, the spectre of future crises. The eternal challenge that rejects solutions that we know to be good at the problems we have already identified.

In short, many doubts and questions that the human must solve, which will demoralize and return the brain for some time. It will take patience for people still open-minded to support this moody mood. We are in a moment of great changes, and it is not easy to live. We mature, we moult and it is painful.

Media speed loss

Degradation of the quality of television channels. Local movies produced by depressive people with depressive actors, with distressing content.


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