PDF to Kindle AZW3 or MOBI line breaks issue

You get line breaks after every line when you try to convert you PDF file to AZW3 or MOBI file, with online convert service or software like Calibre.

Solution 1 :

Try this : when you click on “Convert books” in Calibre > select AZW3 on the right > Look & Feel on the left > Styling > then enter this in the Extra CSS box

p { display:inline }

Finally click OK.

It will not be perfect, because all the paragraphs will disappear. But at least you won’t have line breaks anymore.

Solution 2 :

This one is better.

Use Mobipocket Creator to build you ebook from a pdf file, it will create a html file, an odf, a pdf, a prc and an xml file. Then just convert the prc file to a mobi version with Calibre. Now there is no more line breaks, the paragraphs are perfectly respected, but you will get another issues, some bunch of words have merged.

Solution 3 :

Use Mobipocket Creator to create a html version, then convert it into an epub with Sigil and finally convert the epub into a mobi with Calibre. The result is exactly the same as solution 2, i.e. we have a perfect display of the book but some group of words are merged.

Solution 4 :

Convert you pdf to doc with PDF to DOC, the from doc to mobi with Convertico. The paragraph will be respected, there won’t be any merged words, but you will get issues with header and very few line breaks.

Solution 5 :

A better solution, we convert the pdf into docx with PDF to DOC, then we convert the docx to mobi with Calibre. The only issue that we can notice is that we have blank pages with just the number of the page. Remove blank pages and page numbers with Calibre.

Solution 6 :

The final solution.

Crop the pdf file with Briss to remove the page numbers, convert the cropped pdf file into html with 2pdfconverter. Then open the result with notepad, repace :  Ŕ by – and ŕ by —. Finally convert the html file into mobi with Calibre. And here you go, perfect result.