The oldest villages in France

Here is the list of the oldest villages in France:

NameTypePaysFounding date
BergeracVillageFrance3500 BC
GlanumVillageFrance1100 BC
MillauVillageFrance1000 BC
TarasconVillageFrance700 BC
MulhouseVillageFrance700 BC
Les Baux-de-ProvenceVillageFrance700 BC
BeziersVillageFrance600 BC
AvignonVillageFrance539 BC
AgdeVillageFrance525 BC
BourgesAgglomerationFrance500 BC
RodezVillageFrance500 BC
StrasbourgVillageFrance300 BC
MetzVillageFrance300 BC
PerigueuxVillageFrance200 BC
RennesVillageFrance200 BC
AlèsVillageFrance200 BC
ValenceVillageFrance125 BC
MontlauresVillageFrance118 BC
LaonVillageFrance100 BC
CarcassoneVillageFrance100 BC
ReimsVillageFrance80 BC
VerdunVillageFrance57 BC
CahorsVillageFrance51 BC
GrenobleVillageFrance43 BC

This is the date the city was founded when it reached the village status.

Thus the oldest municipality in France is Bergerac, which is 5500 years old, 2900 years older than Marseille, formerly Massalia. The second, Glanum is far behind.